Yore’s Travel Guide

Places been and stories lived.

Pick up and take off.

Pack light and make room.



Land hungover on a Sunday Morning. Pray the S-Bahn is going in the right direction. Drop bags and find the club everyone told you about. Be promptly turned away. Meet a stranger in the park. Watch a film after dark, outdoors. Drink, smoke, techno-house two-step, hook up. Rinse. Repeat. Wake up. Museum. Another stranger. Another park. Doner Kabob and Club-Mate, in the park. Learn how to pronounce Straße (or Strasse; see ß). Drink Aperol Spritz by a Kreuzberg canal at dusk. Listen to the street fall asleep below balconies. Bottles. Eye-Contact. Wake the city up with your footsteps home. Still, you haven’t yet said goodbye until you’ve done it from a from a Mercedes-Benz taxi.


Get off any train from Paris. Take the tram from Centraal to the Pultizer. Nap. Peek into corners you’re not allowed. Meet a stranger in front of the Van Gogh Museum. Grab a beer, apple pie, and a pre-roll. Review personal histories by the water. Walk everywhere til your ankles hurt because you don’t like bikes. Chat up a hotel bartender from the states. Thank God you’ve avoided the red light district. Thank God you’ve got one more joint to share before your AM flight to London.

  • Festina Lente

  • Winkel 43

  • Pulitzer Amsterdam


Wander from road to road. Yoga off Parsons Green

  • Dover Street Market

  • Tate Modern

  • Monmouth

  • The Courtyard Theatre

Buenos Aires

Follow them

  • Japanese Gardens

  • La Cabrera

New York

Kuala Lumpur



  • Meguro River

Los Angeles